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Starting April 7:A MAXIMUM of 4 parents/guardians or visitors per day and a maximum of one parent volunteer in a single cohort [classroom] will be permitted.

Parent/guardians or visitors cannot switch classrooms during their visit.

Expectations for parents/guardians, visitors, and other service providers entering the school:Parents/guardians, visitors, and service providers must check in at the office and will be asked the applicable checklist for their age group (Child Alberta Health Daily Checklist or Adult Alberta Health Daily Checklist) before they enter a classroom. If a visitor answers YES to any of the questions, the individual must not be admitted into the school.

All parent/guardians, and visitors must wear a mask.

A visitor log is kept in the office.Parents/guardians, and visitors must check out at the office before leaving the school.We look forward to parents/guardians volunteering in the school!

Mrs. Hunley

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