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FVPS/SMCS Admin Profile for the 2022-2023 School Year

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Kemoy Shaw, Principal

First connecting with FVSD during a career fair held at the New Brunswick university he was attending, Kemoy was impressed with the fantastic career opportunities available in northern Alberta. He is now in his 10th year with the Division. Growing up his favorite school subjects were Drama and Phys Ed, a reflection of his love of movies and physical activity. Although he had always thought he would go into social work, he spent many hours as a young person working with inner city youth and supporting families, Kemoy ultimately chose to teach.

“I look forward to further getting to know the families of Fort Vermilion and the rich history and strength of this community.”


Maija Mayo, Assistant Principal

Enjoying the small community life and rural atmosphere, Maija and her husband have been living in Fort Vermilion since 2019. She has always found geography and Social Studies to be very interesting and they were her favorite subjects in school. Maija very much enjoyed learning about all the different countries and places to travel to. Growing up, she was interested in a few careers – nurse, veterinarian, or teacher – but chose to pursue teaching after graduation.

“I am looking forward to meeting and spending more time with parents and community members during activities we will offer. In particular the art show, winter carnival, and hand games.”

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