Principal's Message

Principal's Message

We are excited to begin another school year at FVPS.  The staff have been planning for a great year and are dedicated to providing the best education possible to all students.  We will continue to strive in the areas of Connectivity, Literacy and Numeracy our three school goals. In order to support students throughout the school year, connectivity is key for student success.  This includes communication between teacher and students, parents and teachers and students and parents. There are numerous tools available for students and parents to access information to make informed decisions throughout the year.  Both parents and students have access to PowerSchool and Google Classroom to keep up on assignments and receive feedback and grades throughout the semester. Students also have access to myBlueprint to help them plan for future careers and post-secondary aspirations.  Parents should also provide teachers with an email account in order to receive updates on their child’s education. All that being said, the best way to get feedback is to call or set up a meeting with your child's classroom teachers. We look forward to continued positive communication with all community members.

We also have a number of literacy interventions that all Jr. High Students are participating in to increase reading fluency, decoding and comprehension.  We administer 3 different tests which highlight deficiencies, which we then match to our interventions, Empower, LLI, Rewards and Companion Reading. Our math teachers are also  implementing Guided Math in grades 7-9 which will help to improve basic numeracy skills and give each child an opportunity to interact with their teacher and get the proper support.  

The staff at FVPS are fully committed to supporting each and every child to have a safe and successful year.  

Thank you.  

Mr. Grant Charles