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"Fly with the Falcons"

Fort Vermilion Public School

Fort Public School is a grade K-12 school in the Hamlet of Fort Vermilion, Alberta. Fort Public prides itself on the opportunities available to students and the welcoming environment we create for both students and staff. 

Fort Public added grades K to 6 to its building in September 2020 after a spring flood damaged St. Mary's Elementary school which resulted in the closure of St. Mary's.  Grades 10 to 12 are housed at Northern Lakes College down the road from Fort Public.  

At Fort Public there is a place for every student. Our small population allows for strong relationships with students, parents and staff and creates a network of support for students to succeed. Our top priority is offering quality education to students and ensuring all students experience success. 


 About the Hamlet of Fort Vermilion 

Fort Vermilion is a small Hamlet in Fort Vermilion with a population of 727 people as of 2011. Fort Vermilion is located approximately 661 km north of Edmonton via Bicentennial Highway 88.  It is 80 km from the town of High Level and 40 km from the hamlet of La Crete. Fort Vermilion is Alberta's oldest settlement and is rich in Aboriginal culture. Within Fort Vermilion there are a number amenities at your fingertips such as a locally owned grocery store as well as Tall Cree foods, an Alberta Treasury Branch, a recreation facility, post office, several restaurants, a pharmacy, hardware store, RCMP detachment, gas station, Medical clinic and hospital. Fort Vermilion offers all the luxuries of a small town with the amenities of a bigger center. 

Fort Vermilion History (Mackenzie County website)

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