Principal's Message

I am excited to start the new 2017-2018 school year as principal of the Fort Vermilion Public School.  Most of you know that I also graduated from here and am honoured to be able to coordinate staff and supports to help students reach their academic goals.  I look forward to working with parents and community agencies for the betterment of our students.

We offer a number of programs to ensure students reach their highest level of achievement.  These programs are not only academic but also extracurricular to ensure students receive a well rounded education.  We have a CTS program that will include welding, mechanics, cabinet making and photography.  

Falcons Catering will continue as well, giving our students the experiences of running a catering business.  They will need to order and/or shop for food, stay within a budget, and, most importantly, remain financially sustainable.  

I am also excited to announce our partnership with Northern Lakes College to renovate one of their residential units during our Housing and Blast program. We will be completing a major renovation which will include walls, cabinets, flooring, windows and siding.  This is an excellent opportunity for our students to gain the necessary skills that will benefit them for their entire lives.  This program will also give students an opportunity to work alongside other tradesmen such as carpenters, electricians and plumbers and give them insight to other careers.

Very popular to students is our SRC, Student Representative Council.  There is a large population of our student body who want to volunteer their time and make positive changes within the school.  Elective positions this year will include President, Vice President ,Jr. Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Aboriginal Director, Tech Director, House Team Director, and Social Media/Advertising Director.

We are staffed with high quality teaching and support staff who strive to meet the diverse learning needs of each student in order that they meet both their personal and academic goals.

Thank you.

Mr. Grant Charles